Writing an ad for babysitting

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Writing an ad for babysitting

Instead of having to wade through countless -- and often, worthless -- replies, learn how to craft an ad that will state exactly what you want in a nanny. Make a List of Qualifications and Requirements Take the time to make a list of things you require and desire in a nanny.

This will help you be more precise in your ad. For example, you may desire a nanny with a certain type of personality -- outgoing, artistic -- so that she will mesh well with your family. In addition, specific types of related educational achievements, a minimum number of years of child care experience with children in a certain age-range, and CPR and first aid training are all appropriate things to add to your list.

The more specific you make your list, the better chance you will have of attracting candidates who meet your wants and needs. Hammer Out the Details Make notes about the specific hours and days you need the nanny to be available so that you can include them in your ad.

In contrast, if your schedule has the potential for flexibility, state it in the ad. This will attract candidates who could potentially be a good fit, yet need an employer who will consider their current schedule.

Include your general location -- some nannies may not want to or may be unable to make a long commute. In terms of compensation, Nanny Biz Reviews website recommends offering an hourly rate instead of a salary figure.

When you state the number of hours the nanny is needed and an hourly rate, it allows the nanny to determine whether the position meets her financial and scheduling needs.

Salaried positions are often less attractive because the nanny knows she will receive the same salary whether she works 20 or 60 hours.

In addition, determine the range of hourly compensation you are willing to offer. Include any perks such as paid vacation days, holidays or sick leave.

Helpful Tips If you have pets, mention it. Some nannies are allergic to cats or dogs. Special responsibilities -- other than general child care duties -- are also worth mentioning.

For instance, if you expect your nanny to cook the evening meal, list it.

writing an ad for babysitting

Some nannies may not be up for adding cooking to their list of responsibilities. To clue the nanny into the fact that you will be taking out taxes, add the word "gross" after the pay range listed.

Streamline the Ad While some classified advertisement websites will allow you to write unlimited words for free, others charge for each word or line, which can become quite expensive. One option to streamline your ad, but still convey your wishes, is to give general details in the place of more specific ones.Turn to Gumtree when you are searching for childcare and babysitting CVs in Cape Town to review, including au pairs, nannies and childcare aides to find the one most suited to your child.

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How To Write a Great Nanny Wanted Ad