The growing cases of sex offences and the need to keep them away from the society

Terrorism Convicted terrorists should be treated like paedophiles and have their children taken away from them, one of the country's most senior police officers has suggested. He said in too many cases, parents who were convicted of terror offences, were permitted to retain custody of their children, leaving them open to the possibility of being radicalised. In a speech to the Policy Exchange think tank on Monday evening, he said: Reuters In November last year a mother of five was convicted of posting a terrorist propaganda on social media.

The growing cases of sex offences and the need to keep them away from the society

Young people often do not get chance to have their voices heard Lee McConville, 23, Birmingham A lot of politicians are quick to point the finger at young people but they live in a completely different world.

What would they know about growing up in a deprived area plagued with drugs, guns, prostitution and gangs? To see people smoking crack in phone boxes, heroin addicts injecting under the subways, and prostitutes waving down cars on your way home from school?

Born and raised in Lozells, Birmingham, an area plagued with gun crime, drugs, prostitution and gangs and infamous for its race riots, I forever found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was lucky to walk away without being arrested or stabbed. A friend of mine was not so lucky - he was shot dead on his 20th birthday.

Two weeks later, another friend was gunned down in broad daylight. A lot of young people are growing up with no role models and nothing to do. After taking part in a mentoring scheme run by the Media Trust, I have rubbed shoulders with world leaders, interviewed the prime minister, and am now on a journalism course.

Need to increase conviction rate in cases against women and children stressed

Dan Tait, 19, Basingstoke, Hampshire I was once nearly killed by a student. He expressed his homophobic hatred by strangling me in front of a teacher and other pupils. I retaliated, and we were both excluded for three days.

I was left with heavy bruising on my neck. When I went back, I felt vulnerable and like a victim. He told me I should be proud of coming out.

I scraped through GCSEs and did a further education course. Research by Stonewall shows that if pupils experience homophobia at school, they are less likely to go on to further education.

The biggest problem in tackling homophobia is raising awareness for people who lived in a generation where being gay was socially unacceptable. The government needs to give schools guidance on dealing with homophobia and, more importantly, on how to prevent it.

The growing cases of sex offences and the need to keep them away from the society

Local authorities need to make sure there is a safe place for lesbian, gay and bisexual people to go that offers support with dealing with homophobia at home, coming out and depression.

Homophobia will only be addressed when the people with the power decide to act upon it. Since the age of 13, I have been committing offences due to homelessness and family breakdown. I started committing crimes to feed myself or for somewhere to sleep.

Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world. The Sexodus, Part 2: Part of the problem is unrealistic female expectations, says Valizadeh.

Then over the years, the crimes got worse, until I received a six-year prison sentence for street robbery, blackmail and numerous theft charges. Since being released from prison, the biggest problem I have, and think will always have, is prejudice.

Sometimes I get picked on by older boys in my school - they call me names like "dopey". I wish people would just leave each other alone. However, the recession has left students like me wondering if our possibilities really are so limitless.

Recession or no recession, graduation is a daunting concept. And with small businesses closing, term-time jobs are increasingly hard to come by, but as companies are unable to pay us for internships or work experience, such part-time employment is valuable. Adam Smith, 26, Nottingham I was nine when I met my first girlfriend.

I think there are also worries about people with learning disabilities having relationships. Facebook is also good. But young people need more places to go. Sometimes you have to take five buses to get somewhere, or the buses run at stupid times. About 30 people come along and we chat and I DJ.

There should be more clubs like this, and the government should send out a survey to young people with learning disabilities to ask them what they want to do. People need the opportunity to try something new. My brother spits, speaks in phrases rather than full sentences, and is hyperactive.

He has a mental age of six or seven and attends a special day school. As well as supporting my mum through her illness, my responsibilities involve interpreting, as her first language is not English.

I read and type letters, deal with bills and forms, make phone calls and book appointments. My day usually starts at 5.Averaging at cases a day, child sex crime allegations including rape and grooming are at a record high in the UK. One would think that these sickening crimes against children would have ended by now, given the scandal over their having been covered up.

(ii) rehabilitate young persons who commit offences and reintegrate them into society, and (iii) ensure that a young person is subject to meaningful consequences for his or her offence in order to promote the long-term protection of the public;.

Lee McConville, 23, Birmingham. A lot of politicians are quick to point the finger at young people but they live in a completely different world. The only way to protect the populace is to keep criminals in prison for longer - it won't help the criminal, but it'll keep them away from decent society for a bit longer.

David Grahame, Surrey, UK Perhaps Mr Blunkett should consider an alternative to prison wherever that is appropriate. In other words, the CDF was given a broader mandate to address the sex abuse cases only from – prior to that date, the Code of Canon Law permitted sexual abuse cases by the clergy to be handled by the Congregation, for the Congregation to open cases itself, or .

3 days ago · In charge Superintendent of Police, Women Protection Cell, CID, K.G.V. Saritha said the conviction rate in sexual offences against women and children was only % and stressed the need for.

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