Prime minister david lloyd george speech treaty versailles

Background[ edit ] Original Fourteen Points speech, January 8, It was all keyed upon the secret treaties. For example, he proposed the removal of economic barriers between nations, the promise of self-determination for national minorities, [1] and a world organization that would guarantee the "political independence and territorial integrity [of] great and small states alike"—a League of Nations. He hoped to keep Russia in the war by convincing the Bolsheviks that they would receive a better peace from the Allies, to bolster Allied morale, and to undermine German war support.

Prime minister david lloyd george speech treaty versailles

He is so far the only British Prime Minister to have been Welsh [4] and to have spoken English as a second language. He took up farming but died in June of pneumoniaaged His widow, Elizabeth George —96sold the farm and moved with her children to her native Llanystumdwy in Caernarfonshirewhere she lived in a cottage known as Highgate with her brother Richard Lloyd —who was a shoemaker, a minister in the Scottish Baptists and then the Church of Christ[7] and a strong Liberal.

Lloyd George was educated at the local Anglican school Llanystumdwy National School and later under tutors. Lloyd George's uncle was a towering influence on him, encouraging him to take up a career in law and enter politics; his uncle remained influential up until his death at age 83 in Februaryby which time his nephew had become Prime Minister.

He added his uncle's surname to become "Lloyd George". His surname is usually given as "Lloyd George" and sometimes as "George". The influence of his childhood showed through in his entire career, as he attempted to aid the common man at the expense of what he liked to call "the Dukes" that is, the aristocracy.

However, his biographer John Grigg argued that Lloyd George's childhood was nowhere near as poverty-stricken as he Prime minister david lloyd george speech treaty versailles to suggest, and that a great deal of his self-confidence came from having been brought up by an uncle who enjoyed a position of influence and prestige in his small community.

Biographer Don Cregier says he became "a Deist and perhaps an agnostic, though he remained a chapel-goer and connoisseur of good preaching all his life. Lloyd George in about Articled to a firm of solicitors in PorthmadogLloyd George was admitted in after taking Honours in his final law examination and set up his own practice in the back parlour of his uncle's house in The practice flourished, and he established branch offices in surrounding towns, taking his brother William into partnership in Although many Prime Ministers have been barristersLloyd George is to date the only solicitor to have held that office.

The election resulted firstly in a stalemate with neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives having a majority, the balance of power being held by the Irish Parliamentary Party. William Gladstone 's proposal to bring about Irish Home Rule split the party, with Chamberlain eventually leading the breakaway Liberal Unionists.

Prime minister david lloyd george speech treaty versailles

Uncertain of which wing to follow, Lloyd George carried a pro-Chamberlain resolution at the local Liberal Club and travelled to Birmingham to attend the first meeting of Chamberlain's National Radical Union, but he had his dates wrong and arrived a week too early.

Inhe was to say that he thought Chamberlain's plan for a federal solution correct in and still thought so, that he preferred the unauthorised programme to the Whig -like platform of the official Liberal Party, and that, had Chamberlain proposed solutions to Welsh grievances such as land reform and disestablishmenthe, together with most Welsh Liberals, would have followed Chamberlain.

It was this case, which was hailed as a great victory throughout Wales, and his writings in Udgorn Rhyddid that led to his adoption as the Liberal candidate for Carnarvon Boroughs on 27 December At that time he appeared to be trying to create a separate Welsh national party modelled on Parnell 's Irish Parliamentary Party and worked towards a union of the North and South Wales Liberal Federations.

He would remain an MP for the same constituency until55 years later.

Prime minister david lloyd george speech treaty versailles

During the next decade, Lloyd George campaigned in Parliament largely on Welsh issues and in particular for disestablishment and disendowment of the Church of England.

He wrote extensively for Liberal papers such as the Manchester Guardian. When Gladstone retired in after the defeat of the second Home Rule Billthe Welsh Liberal members chose him to serve on a deputation to William Harcourt to press for specific assurances on Welsh issues; when those were not provided, they resolved to take independent action if the government did not bring a bill for disestablishment.

When that was not forthcoming, he and three other Welsh Liberals D. Thereafter, he devoted much time to setting up branches of Cymru Fydd Young Waleswhich, he said, would in time become a force like the Irish National Party.

He abandoned this idea after being criticised in Welsh newspapers for bringing about the defeat of the Liberal Party in the election and, at a meeting in Newport on 16 January of the South Wales Liberal Federation, led by D.

Thomas, he was shouted down. Although sometimes wrongly supposed — both at the time and subsequently — to be a Little Englanderhe was not an opponent of the British Empire per se, but in a speech at Birkenhead 21 November he stressed that it needed to be based on freedom, including for Indianot "racial arrogance".

A second attack came on the cost of the war, which, he argued, prevented overdue social reform in England, such as old age pensions and workmen's cottages.

As the fighting continued, his attacks moved to its conduct by the generals, who, he said basing his words on reports by William Burdett-Coutts in The Timeswere not providing for the sick or wounded soldiers and were starving Boer women and children in concentration camps.

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But his major thrusts were reserved for the Chamberlains, accusing them of war profiteering through the family company Kynoch Ltd, of which Chamberlain's brother was Chairman. The firm had won tenders to the War Office though its prices were higher than some of its competitors. After speaking at a meeting in Birmingham, Lloyd George had to be smuggled out disguised as a policeman, as his life was in danger from the mob.

At this time the Liberal Party was badly split as H. Haldane and others were supporters of the war and formed the Liberal Imperial League. It provided local funding for Church of England schools, which represented the religious enemy.

The bill passed but opposition to it helped reunite the Liberals. His successful amendment that the county need only fund those schools where the buildings were in good repair served to make the Act a dead letter in Wales, where the counties were able to show that most Church of England schools were in poor repair.

Having already gained national recognition for his anti-Boer War campaigns, his leadership of the attacks on the Education Act gave him a strong parliamentary reputation and marked him as a likely future cabinet member. In that position he introduced legislation on many topics, from merchant shipping and the Port of London to companies and railway regulation.

His main achievement was in stopping a proposed national strike of the railway unions by brokering an agreement between the unions and the railway companies. While almost all the companies refused to recognise the unions, Lloyd George persuaded the companies to recognise elected representatives of the workers who sat with the company representatives on conciliation boards—one for each company.

If those boards failed to agree then there was a central board.Start studying World War I Ends. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Treaty of Versailles: In Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles.

What was the goal of the British prime minister, David Lloyd George? Three days earlier United Kingdom Prime Minister Lloyd George had made a speech setting out Britain's war aims which bore some similarity to Wilson's speech but which proposed reparations be paid by the Central Powers and which was more vague in its promises to the non-Turkish subjects of the Ottoman Empire.

and David Hunter Miller. David Lloyd George, 1st Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor, OM, PC (17 January – 26 March ) was a British statesman of the Liberal Party and the final Liberal to serve as Prime Minister.. As Chancellor of the Exchequer (–) during H. H. Asquith's tenure as Prime Minister, Lloyd George was a key figure in the introduction of many reforms which laid the foundations of the modern.

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." Matthew This web page lists famous peacemakers in birth order, thus enabling the visualization of contemporary groups & ever changing patterns of "peace work" over the years.

Names in black are linked to biographies outside this website, usually Wikipedia. Lloyd George's Opening Address at Versailles: January - British Prime Minister's initial comments Sonnino's Opening Address at Versailles: January - Italian Prime Minister's initial comments: Clemenceau's Opening Address at Versailles: May - Polish Prime Minister's positive assessment: Treaty of Versailles: June - Allies' peace terms.

Prime Minister David Lloyd George speech about Treaty of Versailles. Topics: Treaty of Versailles TREATY OF VERSAILLES Viewing Germany as the chief instigator of the conflict, the European Allied Powers decided to impose particularly stringent treaty obligations upon the defeated Germany.

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