Population explosion and social problems economics essay

The effect of population growth on the economic development of Pakistan The effect of population growth on the economic development of Pakistan Different schools of thoughts in economics have analyzed the relationship between population growth and economic development. The debate on the relationship was pointed in Malthusian population trap Population increases was bound to stop Life-sustaining resources increases at arithmetic rate, would be insufficient to support Population increases at geometric rate Generally, there are two strands of views about the impact of population growth on economic development; one view is in favor of population growth while the other view opposing that population growth is real problem.

Population explosion and social problems economics essay

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Even after fifty-six years of its independence, Pakistan is still struggling to find a respectable place in the comity of nations. All the efforts made in the past seem to have gone in vain. Every sector of life today tells a sorry tale.

The problem that could be blamed for all this sorry mess is overpopulation in the country. Overpopulation emerges as the main villain in Pakistan for a number of reasons. Every other problem mentioned earlier seems to have grown from the demon of this overpopulation.

Definition Literally speaking, overpopulation arises when the resources in a country fell short of meeting the needs of its people. A number of factors could lead to the emergence of overpopulation.

Birth rate is the most common indicator that the countries today use to keep a check on population. Pakistan today suffers from a high birth rate in the country. But the birth rate was high even in the past and still overpopulation was nowhere to be seen.

What factors today have translated the high birth rate into overpopulation?

Population explosion and social problems economics essay

The advancements in the medical field have led to a sharp decline in the death rate. The life expectancy has increased due to the use of imported health technologies. So, a decline in death rate has in other words led to the problem of overpopulation. Pakistan is a developing country and as many others like it is trying hard to survive in the capitalist world.

A huge population of around fifteen crores, that could have been an asset to the country is today a huge liability. Fast increasing population is thus a source of constant danger for Pakistan. Impact of Economy Overpopulation has badly hampered the economic growth in the country.

High population is responsible for a decline in the per capita income. This leads to a decline in the purchasing power of the people. Such a stagnant economy will lead to closing of factories and businesses and in return add to joblessness and poverty.

Greater population means more number of hungry souls to feed. With the number of productive earning members in a family small compared to unproductive members, there is felt a drag on limited income of poor families.

For years, social services in the country have suffered even after sincere efforts by successive governments. The fact remains that more schools, hospitals, and parks are of little comfort if the population keeps on increasing at an alarming rate.

Effects of Overpopulation

Impact on Agricultural Sector Agriculture is another sector, which has been adversely affected by the rapid increase of population. Overpopulation is even having an adverse effect on agricultural outcome.

More population means smaller farms, and that leads to a decline in productivity. Availability of cultivable land in was 0. The same would happen with the forests and also with the availability of fresh water.

People having smaller farms have no other choice but to migrate in hope for a better life.Oct 26,  · Essay on Population Explosion in Pakistan In this essay paper I will introduce the concept of overpopulation and its definition in the literal sense.

Then I will discuss its effects on the Pakistani economy and its impact on the agricultural sector. Overpopulation is an undesirable condition where the number of existing human population exceeds the carrying capacity of Earth.

Overpopulation is caused by number of factors. Reduced mortality rate, better medical facilities, depletion of precious resources are few of the causes which results in overpopulation. Introduction: Population explosion is not only a problem in India; it has reached a menacing proportion all over the world, especially in the poorer countries.

The population of India was around million during the census of It reached over billion during the census of It can effect good economic growth, increase social problems and aggravate environmental concerns.

(ii) Achieving a zero population growth rate and thereby stabilising the population size. This has been stated recognising the fact that the Earth’s capacity to support human population is limited. Sep 07,  · • Social Evils Like lawlessness, Crime And corruption • Pollution Problem Recommendations Conclusion Essay Population is considered as an asset for a country.

But it turns to be a burden when increases uncontrollably. This is the case with the world. Rapid growth in population has become a global problem and Pakistan is no exception.

Population explosion and social problems economics essay

population explosion and social problems: Population explosion is also known as over population. Overpopulation is a usually unwanted condition where an organism’s numbers surpass the carrying capacity of its habitat.

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