Optimizing your career with the electronic resume database

Preferred Resumes has years of experience in helping students and professionals succeed in their careers by drafting crisp and impressive resumes.

Optimizing your career with the electronic resume database

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Preferred Resumes has years of experience in helping students and professionals succeed in their careers by drafting crisp and impressive resumes. Professional resume, cover letter, and biography writing services for new as well as experienced professionals. Check out our sample work here.

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Optimizing a Digital Resume Optimizing a resume is necessary from a practical point of view, and flowery words or your literary flair cannot substitute the use of power words or keywords when effectiveness of the document is considered. Your resume is a functional document: Neither an autobiography, nor a literary piece going for awards.

Optimization of a resume is required for increasing its functionality, and a resume is successful only if it can get you an interview - how great it looks or reads is irrelevant if it fails in its purpose.

This article provides tips for optimizing a digital resume.

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Naming the document The optimization of a digital resume begins at the very naming of the document, but most people fail to realize this.

It is common to find resumes attached in Ms Word or other formats with generalized names like ''My Resume,'' or Resume1, Resume2, etc. So, a recruiter is usually left with hundreds of ''My'' Resumes on his or her desktop. Recruiters have resigned themselves to the situation, and accepted the task of renaming shortlisted documents as part of their job.

However, it remains that in all fairness, the task of properly naming a document, at least to the extent of differentiating itself from others and identifying itself with the candidate, belongs to the applicant.

Keyword optimization Keyword optimization remains one of the most ignored and most essential parts of digital document optimization. Essentially, keyword optimization of a resume involves the following: Finding keywords from individual job advertisements and using them in the resume for electronic search enhancement: This is a function of specifically tailoring a resume for a specific job.

Finding keywords from job advertisements of the same category as the job applied for, and including them in the resume: This is useful for creating generalized resumes or providing the basic vocabulary used in the content.Optimizing your keywords and formatting for applicant tracking systems is not the same as cheating the system.

Optimizing your career with the electronic resume database

In theory, you can trick ATS algorithms by stuffing your resume with keywords. Some do this by secretly adding additional keywords to their resumes using “invisible” white text or by unnaturally overusing keywords. Job-hunting is hard enough without having to worry about your résumé passing through an electronic tracking tool.

Knowing how the systems operate and what they look for in résumés gives you an edge.

Optimizing your career with the electronic resume database

Optimize Your Electronic Resume for Search These days, most job seekers know that recruiters and employers are far more interested in electronic files than they are in printed paper resumes. But as resume submission methods change and evolve to keep pace with shifts in technology, so do the methods employers use to receive, process and sort these digital resumes.

The software then allows you to do advanced searches on the database of resumes for the various fields, and produces a ranked set of search results based on the .

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Writing a Resume: Getting Started Use this format if your education and experience match your career objectives. Hybrid resumes split the experience section into functional categories based on experience. If you’re uploading your resume to a database, double .

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