Nys us history regents essay questions

US History regents — thematic essays from the past 10 years — Quizlet questions on the U. Regents exams from January — August Learn with flashcards, games, and more for free. Part III b the Essay. This guide is meant to be used by teachers who nbsp; regents examination in united states history and government — p Bar Association, and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, for their.

Nys us history regents essay questions

Social studies educator, Hofstra University, my opinions, of course, are my own Was this U. Since they have been used as final exams in high school courses.

Nys us history regents essay questions

American history was one of five original subjects tested. Today there are exams in ten subject areas offered three times a year, January, June, and August, although most students take them in June. Michael Pezone, a New York City high school social studies teacher and a cooperating teacher in the Hofstra University teacher education program, emailed me complaining about the design of the recent United States History and Government Regents Examination.

He believes the test was unfair to his students and students from similar backgrounds. I asked other social studies teachers in the New York metropolitan area involved in grading the test to respond to Michael Pezone.

They do not agree with every point Dr. Pezone raised, but many found significant parts of the test unfair to students, especially academically challenged students, who need to pass the test to earn a high school diploma.

I include their replies after Dr. In their comments on the United States History Regents, the key questions raised by these teachers are: Does New York State still values multiculturalism and a curriculum that seeks to engage student interest by touching on topics that connect with them?

What is clear form their comments is the thoughtfulness of these teachers and the depth of their concern for students and learning. I have been a high school social studies teacher in NYC for twenty-three years.

A prime duty of mine is to prepare students for the U. History and Government Regents examination, which they must pass in order to graduate. I am troubled that on two of the last three June United States History and Government exams, the Thematic Essay question inexplicably restricted students from writing about the Brown v.

On the June examthe Thematic Essay question required students to describe the historical circumstances surrounding two Supreme Court cases, explain the decisions in each case, and discuss the social impact of each decision.

Surprisingly, the question included the following warning: Board of Education of Topeka as one of your Supreme Court decisions. History and Government Regents examination not yet uploaded on the state websitestudents were required to write about reform movements in United States history, but were restricted to writing about movements that occurred between and This time frame prevented students from writing about the Civil Rights Movement, the New Deal era labor movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement, the modern feminist movement, the gay rights and immigrant rights movements, and environmental movement.

I spoke to a number of colleagues about this issue, all of whom suggested that the questions were written this way because many students are familiar with the Brown case and Civil Rights Movement, and frequently choose to write about them when given the opportunity.

The Board of Regents, evidently, wants students to demonstrate knowledge about other issues and events. This raises a number of questions: Aren't the topics well known precisely because they are extremely important and worthy to be explored in depth?

Will other important topics that are familiar to students be excluded from future tests? For example, will the Nazi Holocaust be excluded as a choice on future Global History Thematic essay questions? Was this test designed so they fail?

It seems to me that if the New York Board of Regents is concerned that many students choose to write about important, familiar topics, the solution is not to ban the topics, but rather to craft better questions about those topics.

He noted that many students did indeed write about the Civil Rights Movement in their thematic essays. The objective of state examinations is to assess what students have learned; at least that is what we are told. However, the prompt on the thematic essay on the U. History Regents seems more like a "gotcha" moment for students.

Nys us history regents essay questions

For no real apparent reason, the prompt focused on a narrow time frame then usual which purposely excluded many potential answers.

Students are participating in a marathon of an exam: It is understandable that many of them would misinterpret this prompt and choose a topic that is more familiar and relevant, including and especially the Civil Rights Movement.

Excluding this topic in an essay that focuses on building connections among "themes" in history is puzzling. At best, it is a poorly designed question. At worst, it is an attempt to penalize students for not reading instructions carefully enough. As an experienced educator, I would NEVER design a prompt that would exclude a familiar topic for students on purpose.

Something needs to come from this, and I think that we teachers, backed by our unions, need to speak out against this as an act of injustice.NYS Education Department Office of State Assessment, Office of State Assessment is responsible for examinations and testing.

United States. Additionally, there is a graphic organizer that supports students in examining the causes and effects of US participation in World War 1, and an activity that asks students to dive deeply into the 14 Points of Peace.

Important Changes to Global History Regents Exam

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you might have a few questions about what you will be learning along the way. 2 Part III of the New York State Global History Regents is a Document Based Question (DBQ) which contains two parts.

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