Merits and demerits of neo liberalism

It is noteworthy that during this same period governmental policies toward the support of science and technology were undergoing important critical assessments. On the one hand, the scientific community proclaimed its autonomy but, on the other, sought increased governmental support for its research. In the United Stateshowever, the Federal Technology Transfer Act ofrequiring national laboratories to promote technology transfer and to promote partnerships, was part of the deregulation and privatization of government activities.

Merits and demerits of neo liberalism

The political system of Sri Lanka, which was subjected to numerous change s since the independence ranging from socialism to neo-liberalism, reflected the mindset of the politicians who were doubtful as to what should be the system to govern Sri Lankans.

One of the most controversial changes happened to Sri Lankan politics was the introduction of the post of Executive Presidency. By being the supreme leader who holds the reins of both the state and the government, he has enormous power vested in him. There is an ongoing debate on the role of citizenry in an executive presidential system.

The second republican constitution had introduced the executive presidency to Sri Lanka. It was mainly adopted from the executive of France and the United States.

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Late president Jayawardena was expecting a strong unbound leadership who can make firm decisions to bring the country to prosperity. It also came as an answer for the political instability plaguing the country.

Sri Lankan executive president is both the chief of the state and the leader of the government. Although according to the constitution, he is responsible for only the executive powers, indirectly he is like a giant octopus whose tentacles spread all over the executive, legislature and judiciary of the country.

He is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the leader of the cabinet and the supreme authority who shapes the foreign policy.

Merits and demerits of neo liberalism

Every countryneeds a strong leadership who can take quick and firm decisions. That need is more prominent in developing countries like Sri Lanka. When the decision makers of the country engaged with bitter rivalry and prone to interference from partisan politics and political pressure groups, opportunities to take unpopular decisions which give benefits in the long run will be lost.

In emergency situations, executive presidential powers will decide whether the country survives or falls into anarchy. United States and France are good examples that show how executive presidency can steer a country in a stable and progressive way. With great power comes great responsibility.

The main hitch in executive presidency is the possibility of the president becoming corrupted by the power. Appointing family members to important administrative positions, politicization of the civil service, corruptions, interfering with the judiciary are some of the immediate consequences of the executive acting like a dictator.

A country needs a leader who is accountable to people. Absolute power in governing a country should never be given to a person without proper methods to control them.

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In conclusion I believe in the need of a more controlled and accountable executive for our country.Jun 18,  · May, 16,(1st Term Paper) By Hyunseok Lee (International 10b4) For: Mr. Carlton Johnson 0. Introduction It has been almost 30 years that neoliberalism had been the mainstream of world economy.

The answer to this depends on what you mean by radicalism and especially liberalism (which can have totally different meanings depending on the context). I will focus on the definition of.

about the merits and demerits of Neo-liberalism Estonia has been punch-ing far above its weight. Ever since its transition to a market economy in the early s Estonia has figured prominently as a shining example of An Unassailable Fortress?

Neo-Liberalism in Estonia. Get an answer for 'What are the advantages and disadvantages of liberalism and radicalism?' and find homework help for other Social Sciences questions at eNotes. merits & demerits of neo-liberalism: Callinicos () argues the expansion of British Universities is not to help students to pursue the dreams rather develop them as academic scholars and skilled labour for the need of large MNC's to stay in profit.

Liberalism is a theory that would explain "individual freedom", the role of transnational sector in relations between leslutinsduphoenix.comes that have a positive value of human nature. Its application through diplomacy and cooperation. Liberalism based "economic power" in their applications. Liberal theory is divided into four groups 1 5/5(1).

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