Is johanna lindsey not writing anymore

I have worked for a number of years as a university lecturer teaching courses in literature, writing studies and critical thinking in Australia and New Zealand.

Is johanna lindsey not writing anymore

Thank you for your brief attention A Disinterested Party … peakfuture April 20, at 9: Neon Vincent April 20, at My opinion of Ron Paul was that he got the problems right but the solutions all wrong and when he had a good idea, it was another example is johanna lindsey not writing anymore a stuck clock being right twice a day.

Instead, look at the Greens, where Jill Stein is gearing up to run again and the Libertarians, that is, if they can get someone as charismatic as Gary Johnson, if not Johnson himself, to run. After I described the process to him, he likened it to pouring water in an ice cream carton to float the last scraps of ice cream off the bottom.

I think he got the idea. Also, today is the fifth anniversary of the Gulf oil spill. Let that stand as a cautionary tale about the high cost of maintaining our unsustainable lifestyles.

Log in to Reply K-Dog April 20, at The election is already bought and paid for and focus groups are choosing catchy mind killing slogans right now to seal the perfidity. Oh yeah, that was when Obama was supposed to step up and show that he had a B. Log in to Reply Exscotticus April 20, at 2: First Obama campaigned against offshore drilling.

Then he got elected and green-lighted it one of an endless series of broken campaign promises. Then the BP oil spill happened. The Obama came out against offshore drilling again. DA April 20, at 3: Rather it showed that he is one. Log in to Reply benr April 27, at 9: In fact he allowed this disaster to widen in scop as a result.

She had a very comprehensive view of the whole outline of our current problems and I have finally decided to abandon the Democrats for the Greens. What was most encouraging to me was to see young Millenials becoming politically active on a wide range of issues.

is johanna lindsey not writing anymore

Youth spearheaded an unbelievable drive to get the all Republican conservative Morris County Freeholders to unanimously oppose the Pilgrim Shale oil pipeline proposed across Morris County. Note that the Morris County freeholders was the first political office for Gov Chris Christie, of course long since sold out to Koch Brothers and the plutocrats.

The Morris County freeholders supported this resolution so strongly after young people persuaded 29 towns to pass resolutions, letters and legal action to oppose the Pilgrim Shale Oil pipeline.

The Greens actually have young local candidates running for the NJ State legislature all of whom expressly mentioned Green Transit — ie increased Rail and bus transit instead of Auto Addiction in their sprawl areas. Young people today know they are getting screwed from every angle and as they largely changed the whole gay rights issue, they will be a huge political force very shortly.

The Green Party is for all their issues of Climate Change, Green jobs, Green transit, environmental justice, public banking, against the endless Wars. People are sick of both sellout Corporatist parties in the US and are ready for a true alternative… Log in to Reply russ April 20, at Stein was in the field of internal medicine.

Trying to address the problem at its source, as opposed to simply treating the symptoms over and over again, seems to be to be the right way to go.

Which is why I voted for her for President in And I try to vote for Greens locally — although the Democratic Party goes out of its way to keep them off the ballot. Just as the Republicans strive to keep the Libertarians and Free Party candidates off the ballot.See more of Johanna Lindsey Author on Facebook.

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Yesterday at AM. Hi Johanna was wondering if you would write anymore stories in the L y-San-Ter series. Awhile back I wrote about the Tween Book Club I run at my branch and all the extension activities I’ve done with the kids.

I recently landed a new (PERMANENT FULL TIME!) job that has me switching my focus from middle years to early years, so unfortunately I won’t be in charge of a tween book club anymore. Just Jory by Mary Calmes. We had been waiting for three hours as the negotiations continued.

My ass was numb since I was sitting, along with everyone else, on the cold marble floor. Before I get started, I wanted to give readers a heads up on an event I’m planning in With the help of some others, basically, we’re gonna have a get together in Vegas the first weekend in March after Jake’s season ends.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, Busby Marou supply theme song for 7Cricket Busby Marou’s new song Sound Of Summer is doubling as the theme for Channel 7‘s cricket coverage this season.. Paul Cashmere reported at noisecom that the duo recorded the song in an Air BNB in Los Angeles and then took the song on to Nashville for mixing.

is johanna lindsey not writing anymore

De Niro and wife split after 20 years together. Robert De Niro and his wife of more than 20 years, Grace Hightower, have split, Us Weekly can confirm.

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