Fixing what isnt broken

All campaigns do end eventually though, whether social, political, or otherwise, and this March, the Connect Campaign will have reached its end, too. The Connect Campaign was formed to maximize the coverage opportunity enabled by state law to expand Medicaid for low-income adults without dependent children. We gathered over stakeholders from around Colorado who were committed to the vision of working systems, concerted outreach and enrollment efforts, and ready and accepting care providers.

Fixing what isnt broken

So I understand that the staff for pirate has been limited. Its why we didnt get an update for 3 years. I am not complaining about that.

Fixing what isnt broken

I feel for them. I know its hard to manage a game like this. But why would they change things that aren't broken?

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Case in point the summer PvP weapons. They looked perfect and awesome with the red and orange combo. But for some odd reason they had their understaffed people take the time to change the color so now they are yellow and orange.

Give it a look and you will know what the others looked like But why is my big question? Of all the things to spend effort on. They could have made the moo tower weapons stichable.

They could have added a dying option to the summer pvp weapons. If they wanted gorillas to match the weapons they could have made the summer ones orange and the fall ones red rather than changing both to yellow. They could have done many other things with their time but instead they took something that was better before then made it worse for no reason I can see.

Is there any chance we can get them back the way the used to be? Welcome back, Thomas Sunhammer, it's been a while, a long, peaceful while Now let me get this straight - you're upset because the appearance of the champion weapons have been changed because KI could have spent the time in making better changes?

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So now you're asking them to undo what they've done taking more time from their schedules when they could be doing something else? That really is "fixing what isn't broken". I believe the change was made to make the weapons look different than the weapons so that people could see a difference, because, honestly, they're the same weapons from last year.If there is no evidence of a real problem, and fixing the "problem" would not effectively improve Wikipedia, then don't waste time and energy (yours or anybody else's) trying to fix it.

On the other hand, if something is slightly broken in a way that you care about, and fixing it improves the encyclopedia a little, then feel free to fix it.

With regard to proposals for some grand reorganization of the intelligence community: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And I believe it is not broke. Note: You can also say isn't broken instead of ain't broke and why fix it? instead of don't fix it.

Her outlook is `If it isn't broken, why fix it?' She puts up with a lot I . Dunleavy on PFD: “Don’t fix what isn’t broken” by CampaignHQ | May 2, | Press Releases | ANCHORAGE, May 2, — Gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy today urged legislative leaders to “shelve” Governor Walker’s bill to restructure the Permanent Fund, SB 26, and oppose any changes to the Permanent Fund Dividend program without first taking the issue to a vote of the people.

LG seems to think it is fixing a problem some consumers have and giving choice, but again, this implementation of its software buttons is fixing something (in .

COMMON You say if it ain't broke, don't fix it to mean that things should only be changed if there are problems with them. And I believe it is not broke. Note: You can also say isn't broken instead of ain't broke and why fix it?

instead of don't fix it. Her outlook is `If it isn't broken, why fix it?' She puts up with a lot I wouldn't tolerate. Jul 15,  · You cannot fix something that isn't broken, this fixing what isn't broken doesn't make any sense You can only improve on an item that "isn't broken"It's an American expression: to waste time doing what's unnecessary.

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