Cross platform mobile development thesis

Cocos2d image credit Tool 5: This cross platform mobile development tool goes beyond simple translation. Corona chose Lua because they found it to be really robust with a small footprint for mobile apps.

Cross platform mobile development thesis

Join For Free Mobile applications are no longer a luxury, but have become a necessity of day to day life.

Cross platform mobile development thesis

The latest app code supports the concept of write once, run anywhere WORA. The developer writes code once on one platform, and runs it on multiple platforms.

The purpose of such tools is to save time and effort on the part of the developer. Developers can reuse the code and can design apps that can work efficiently on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and many more.

Codename One This cross-device platform helps in developing industry-based applications. The platform supports rapid application development. The most interesting feature about its build server is that the developer can build native iOS apps as well as native Windows apps without a Mac machine or Windows PC.

The platform is recommended for developing iOS apps. Codename's graphic UI does not match the requirements of large projects and its visual themes are not updated. Another major flaw is that all the event handlers are stored in a single file, which makes the development part more cumbersome.

PhoneGap This open-source platform can make building cross-platform apps a lot easier. This free resource is high in demand among developers due to its features and support that it offers. The only limitation in this tool is it is not suitable for graphics-intensive apps. Appcelerator This tool makes it possible for coders to create cross-platform apps with speed.

The tool deploys a JavaScript codebase. The plus point of this tool is it is extensible and open. The only disadvantage that we have come across so far about the tool is its support team, especially the developer community, is slow in response.

The native looking themes are limited. The commercial licensing feature is not easy to comprehend. This open source, cross-platform framework supports CMicrosoft.

NET, and the Mono framework. What makes this tool interesting is that it gives the developer full access to the native device APIs while still coding in C. Kony Mobile Platform Here comes the platform that is laced with features like automatic coding, app preview facility, and API connection, along with other various surprising features.

It has pre-built apps that make it easier for novices to develop an app easily. The scarcity of documentation and resource support can create a peculiar situation for developers. NativeScript Here is another wonderful open source platform for building cross-platform compatible mobile apps.In this thesis, we will provide a detailed analysis of these three cross-platform development tools by using each to develop applications, and then compare each by .

Xamarin as a tool for cross-platform mobile development Oleksandr Gridin Bachelor’s Thesis Degree Programme in Business Information Technology. To reach the widest audience, Android developers might need to consider cross platform mobile development.

Let's dive into what this term means and what .

Cross Platform Mobile Development: 10 Best Tools

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Cross platform mobile development thesis

Cross-Platform Development Approaches For the Mobile Device Platforms Android and iOS BACHELOR’S THESIS submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of. Cross-platform mobile development with PhoneGap Degree programme Degree Programme in Software Engineering Supervisor(s) Rantala, Ari Assigned by Nestronite Oy The thesis focused on the phone application as the rest of the components do not utilize the PhoneGap framework.

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