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Create your own school essay

It is important to have your own style. It is one of the most important factors to avoid drowning in millions of other photos from other photographers. A style is many things. It is your compositions, what you shoot photos of, what light you shoot in, but one of the most important factors is, how you post-process your photos.

In this article, we will look at a post-process technique that can give you your own unique look to all of your photos using LUTs in Photoshop.

There are many ways to apply a certain look to your photos, some are better and some are simpler than others. You can pick up a filter or a preset in some tool and it might look pretty good.

But it will not really be your style no matter how cool it looks. Anybody with that tool can click that exactly same preset and have the same look.

Create your own look If you want to have your own style or look, you will have to create it. This is a fairly easy way to make a quite drastic look which will be unique to your photos.

Create your own school essay

This is also called color grading. It is a technique used in the movie industry, to create certain styles to movies. The same technique can be applied in photography to create a distinctive and professional look to your photos.

The LUT is your post-processing style. The examples in this article were done with Photoshop. They will change the colors of the image and some of them will also change the contrast. Step 1 — Open a photo in Photoshop Start by opening a photo, maybe one that you have post-processed a bit to balance the contrast, highlights, and shadows.

This layer will use a LUT file to make magic changes to your photo. Click on the 3DLUT file drop-down menu and a list will appear. The list you see include the default LUTs shipped with Photoshop. Pick one and see what happens.

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Play around and try different default LUTs and see what happens. Some are very dramatic, like for instance EdgyAmber, while others are a bit more subtle. As you can see the dramatic LUTs can also become subtle.

One that you can use for a particular series or even apply it on all of your photos as your style. Combining four LUTs for a unique look. This is a pretty effective, yet simple, way to process your images to make them look like professional photographs.

You can also use some of the other kinds of adjustment layers to change the colors, to make more exact fine-tuning tweaks. There are others, but they are even more advanced. This way you can achieve the same look on another photo, simply by applying just one LUT.

It is almost as simple as clicking a preset button. Requirement 1 — Your photo must be the Background Layer To make this work, it is a requirement that the original image is the Background Layer. Requirement 2 — Do not use masks Whatever color grading adjustment layers you use to change the colors, do not use any masks.Simple tools for learning anything.

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