Brandeis supplement essays

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Brandeis supplement essays

Early life[ edit ] Weizmann was born in the village of Motallocated in what is now Belarus and at that time part of the Russian Empire.

He was the third of 15 children born to Oizer and Rachel Czemerinsky Weizmann. At the age of 11, he entered high school Pinskwhere he displayed a talent for science, especially chemistry.

While in Pinsk, he also became active in the Hovevei Zion groups there. He graduated with honors inand decided to pursue chemistry as a profession. He began his studies at the Polytechnic Institute of Darmstadt.

To earn a living while studying, he worked as a Hebrew teacher at an Orthodox Jewish boarding school. While in Berlin, he joined a circle of Zionist intellectuals. Inhe attended the Second Zionist Congres in Basel.

Inhe was awarded a PhD in organic chemistry. He was appointed senior lecturer. While in Britain, he was known by many as Charles Weizmann, a name under which he registered about research patents. Ten of the eleven surviving siblings made aliyah.

Shmuel Weizmann was a dedicated Communist and member of the anti-Zionist Bund movement. During the Stalinist " Great Purge ", he was arrested for alleged espionage and Zionist activity, and executed in His fate became known to his wife and children only in While serving as a pilot in No.

Brandeis supplement essays

His father never fully accepted his death and made a provision in his will, in case he returned. His nephew Ezer Weizmanthe son of his brother Yechiel, a leading Israeli agronomist, [16] became commander of the Israeli Air Force and also served as President of Israel.

Early years[ edit ] Weizmann was absent from the first Zionist conference, held in in BaselSwitzerlandbecause of travel problems, but he attended each one thereafter. Beginning inhe lobbied for the founding of a Jewish institution of higher learning in Palestine.

Together with Martin Buber and Berthold Feiwelhe presented a document to the Fifth Zionist Congress highlighting this need especially in the fields of science and engineering. This idea would later be crystallized in the foundation of the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology in Balfour supported the concept of a Jewish homeland, but felt that there would be more support among politicians for the then-current offer in Ugandacalled the British Uganda Programme.

Following mainstream Zionist rejection of that proposal, Weizmann was credited later with persuading Balfour, by then the Foreign Secretary, for British support to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine, the original Zionist aspiration.

He was "pre-eminently what the Jewish people call folks-mensch Typically a sturdy yeoman, with a dome-shaped forehead, a short dark beard covering cheeks and jawline. This Belarus man from Motol had attended all but the first Zionist Congress by the time he came to England.

Manchester became an important intellectual resource for Zionism in Britain. He made a valuable contribution to liberalism, encouraging journalism on the Manchester Guardian.

Weizmann first visited Jerusalem inand while there, he helped organize the Palestine Land Development Company as a practical means of pursuing the Zionist dream, and to found the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Although Weizmann was a strong advocate for "those governmental grants which are necessary to the achievement of the Zionist purpose" in Palestine, as stated at Baselhe persuaded many Jews not to wait for future events, A state cannot be created by decree, but by the forces of a people and in the course of generations.

Even if all the governments of the world gave us a country, it would only be a gift of words. But if the Jewish people will go build Palestine, the Jewish State will become a reality—a fact.

From"a benevolent goodwill toward the Zionist idea" emerged in Britain when intelligence revealed how the Jewish Question could support imperial interests against the Ottomans.Brandeis University requires you to take the SAT/ACT Writing section. They'll use this as another factor in their admissions consideration.

They'll use this as another factor in their admissions consideration. Biographie. Tony Kushner naît dans une famille juive de parents, William Kushner et Sylvia (Deutscher) Kushner, deux musiciens classiques, déménagent à Lake Charles (Louisiane) après sa naissance.

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