Aryan brotherhood essay

The brotherhood was created to protect white inmates from black gang inmates. Today Aryan Brotherhood members can be found both inside and outside of prison, although most of their population lies inside prison walls.

Aryan brotherhood essay

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Aryan brotherhood essay

It began in the late s when several pro-independence political prisoners were incarcerated in the maximum security prison called Oso Blanco located in Rio Piedras. The majority of the inmates were fascinated by Irriarte's way of thinking and did all they could do for the Association.


They were to ambush him when he left the watchful eyes of his followers on his routine walk to and from the prison chapel. On the afternoon of March 30,Irriarte, who was accompanied by an officer who was in on the plot, was attacked on his return from the chapel, which was located just west of the Recreational Yard.

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He was stabbed in the chest, stomach and back and then shot in the abdomen by a. He was pronounced dead sometime after sunset. During the investigation of the murder of Irriarte, the correctional authorities found that he was probably betrayed by his lieutenants.

His lieutenants wanted to get into the business of drug trafficking in the prisons, but Irriarte opposed this. They first showed their power and brutal force when they retaliated against the G27's leader "Manota" in retaliation for "the hit" he helped plan against Irriarte.

After a few days of digging and chiseling their ways through the prison walls with spoons and their bare hands, they broke through the wall of Manotas' prison cell and stabbed him over times and cut his body into 84 pieces.

There were rumors that certain parts of his body were mailed to selected people: The rest of his body was never recovered. The news soared and the media depicted the story as a hostile takeover. Used to their advantage, they used the media coverage as a means to send out messages to other members in different prisons across the island.

Their message was clear: They wanted justice and they meant business. They warned the administration that if their demands about improving the living conditions within the facilities weren't met, there would be bloodshed and an all-out war.

By the middle oftheir numbers multiplied excessively. They took over 7 major prison facilities across the island and ruled them with an iron fist. Today, they still control a good part of the prison system. They denounce and punish sexual offenders, pedophiles and abusers, and exile them to solitary confinement where they are not allowed to interact with the rest of the prison population.

Reportedly in the lates, the association was involved in the cult of the "Holy Death" and performed several ritualistic murders at the Oso Blanco State Prison. In they branched out and expanded into the east coast of the United States and the forefront of Canada.

There they broke their roots to Puerto Rico and continued to branch out as far as South Florida. Forming into separate Factions or "Chapters", they were built into an almost Mafia-like umbrella, where there was a President, Vice President and lower hierarchy instated. In the late s, there were confirmed reports that Joanna Pimentel, known as "La Madrina", had been appointed council and leader of the New York City chapters.

InPimentel was convicted in a federal court in Brooklyn, New York, of ordering a gang-related killing in and was sentenced to life in prison. Because of their structure they are usually in alliance with People Nation.

Aryan brotherhood essay

History shows that in certain areas of New York City they were even at war with the Latin Kings where the rivalry spread as far as Ecuador and Spain.Sid, an ex-Aryan Brotherhood member with a bald, tattooed head, mustache, and toothless mouth, was pushing Whitey’s wheelchair around, hovering over and hoarding him.

Pistis Sophia A first edition of the 4th Century Coptic work, "Pistis Sophia", was printed in in Berlin. The book contains complicated and long-winded discussions between the arisen Jesus and his disciples about the fall and redemption of the divine mother of the seed, "Pistis Sophia", and Jesus' revelations.

Crime, Punishment, and Life in Prison Definitions of prison: A place confinement of persons in lawful detention, especially persons convicte. Aryan Brotherhood: a Code of Conduct and the Different Core of Values Essay The Aryan Brotherhood Christy Gurries Corrections Joshua Slater CJ 1/23/ The Aryan Brotherhood was founded by Irish –American Bikers, and white supremacies Barry Mills and Tyler Bingham in the ’s in San Quentin State Prison California.

[The following is a transcription of Igor Shafarevich's The Socialist work was originally published in Russian in France under the title Sotsializm kak iavlenie mirovoi istorii in , by YMCA Press.

An English translation was subsequently published in by Harper & Row. Four people have been killed since the beginning of the year in a series of shootings that appear to be connected to the homegrown jihadists of the Aryan Brotherhood.

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