An introduction to the history of hindenburg

Published in July Issue 2 words From the Hindenburg to the Goodyear Blimp, airships have for centuries captured our collective imagination and, in recent years, given lift to the popularity of the steampunk genre. But how much do we know, really, about their history and evolution? Image courtesy National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution As early asthe Montgolfier brothers caused a huge sensation throughout the civilized world when, before a crowd including Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, they heated the air inside an envelope of alum-varnished taffeta and launched a sheep, a duck and a rooster on an eight minute, two mile flight across the royal palace of Versailles, the first flight ever to carry a living creature.

An introduction to the history of hindenburg

The Hindenburg In this report I will be telling you about the Hindenburg. The Hindenburg was a massive airship that did more than run Nazi propaganda missions. Airships were used quite a bit, and are essentially giant hot air balloons, but instead of air; they used hydrogen gas.

As such, airships are often referred to as Zeppelins, airships, dirigibles, or rigid airships. In this paper I will talk about how big the Hindenburg was, how many voyages it had, the theories on why it burst into flames, the real reason it burst into flames, the controversies surrounding it, and the people aboard the mighty airship.

Another subject that will be addressed is why the Hindenburg used the highly flammable hydrogen gas instead of the safer alternative; helium. The Hindenburg was The great airship also weighed tons, could carry tons over its weight, and carried over 2, people over the Atlantic Ocean.

The first flight the Hindenburg took was a Nazi propaganda mission that went over several German cities in March The Zeppelin was also a quicker way to travel; taking only a few days compared to a week or maybe two aboard a ship.

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It made around 10 round trips from Germany to the United States, and on top of being a different way of transportation, it delivered mail. Zeppelins float, or fly by using inflatable balloons or bags that fill up with hydrogen or helium gas; and originally, the Hindenburg was designed to inflate its balloons with helium.

However, at that time, the United States feared that other countries would utilize it as a weapon; so they banned all exporting of helium. In response, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin ordered that the large dirigible be converted to handle hydrogen.

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Hydrogen is a lot more dangerous and unstable than helium, but it worked. Soon enough, the Hindenburg was off in the air. Everything was going smoothly after the take-off, no problems arose.

An introduction to the history of hindenburg

Things continued normally until the airship arrived in New Jersey where the weather conditions near the naval air base were highly unfavorable.

The commanding officer of the base, Charles Rosendahl, sent a message up to Captain Max Pruss to report that the conditions were unsuitable for landing. In response, Captain Pruss steered away from the air base to fly over the coast until the weather cleared up.

When Rosendahl sent another message to report that the conditions were favorable, Captain Pruss turned the airship around to return to the base.

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Once back at the runway, spectators gathered to watch the arrival of the massive Zeppelin. Captain Pruss ordered that the first mooring line be dropped, and so it was.

When the second mooring line was dropped, the tail of the ship began to tilt downward. Thinking the weight was unevenly distributed; Captain Pruss ordered that water be released from the front end of the airship to even out the weight.

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Join the /r/History Discord server! /r/History is a place for discussions about history. Feel free to submit interesting articles, tell us about this cool book you just read, or start a discussion about who . The Hindenburg has been released on a number of home video formats, including VHS, Betamax, Laser Disc, and DVD.

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An introduction to the history of hindenburg

And so ended tragically the Hindenburg, of which it was the largest operational airship in the world and entered the history of aviation. Assembly: This is a curious model of the German Revell, since it is an aerostat, quite different then from the airplanes that are aerodinos and that we are so accustomed to .

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