An analysis of existenz

Share Breaking Down David Cronenberg: Cronenberg is one of the most distinctive authors of our time, managing to imprint his unique signature in a wide spectrum of genres, ranging from B-Horror to period pieces.

An analysis of existenz

CST by staff Here's a long Personally I only read the last paragraph and even caught a couple of things I didn't want to see. I won't read the script and I don't want to know But according to Father Geek who did read it you should love this. The person who wrote this I think you are supposed to Experience Cronenberg's movies, and this one sounds from Dad's reactions to be something An analysis of existenz experiencing.

An analysis of existenz

Like anything could keep me away I was recently able to catch a test screening of David Cronenberg's latest film "eXistenZ," with a capital X and a capital Z, and the emphasis on the "enZ" so I figured I'd send in my review.

The plot goes something like this: It's the not-too-distant future, and as the movie opens, we're at a testing session for a brand new type of, well, video game. Of course, this is the future, so video games aren't things you play on a screen, but rather they're bizarre flesh-colored organic lumps called game pods that look like fetuses, make noises like Furbies, and squirm around a bit when they're activated with an umbilical-cord type thing attached to them.

This cord is plugged into something called a "bioport," which is a hole in a person's lower back that looks suspiciously like an anus there were more lubricated penetration shots in this movie than most pornos -- there's even one particularly giggle-inducing scene where Jude Law gives Jennifer Jason Leigh's bioport a rimjobbut is actually a direct link to their spinal cord.

Thus, when the cord is plugged in, the game taps into the person's mind, allowing a true virtual reality experience if you've seen "Strange Days," which Cronenberg must have, you'll know what I'm talking about -- it's not exactly unfamiliar territory for sci-fi movies these days.

So Jennifer Jason Leigh plays Allegra Geller, the God of game designers, and the game testers in the opening scene just about crap their pants when she makes an appearance at the testing session to guide them through their first experience with her brand new game system, called "eXistenZ.

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An underground movement called the "realists," who dedicate their lives to destroying these virtual reality systems and hunting down game designers like Geller this is never effectively explained in the movie, I picked up on it right away only because I had read a fairly detailed plot synopsis prior to watching the film.

Thus, a realist inevitably appears during the testing session, and starts shooting people while shouting "death to the demoness Allegra Geller," or something to that effect his gun, oddly enough, is made out of flesh and bones, and shoots human teeth -- to get past the metal detectors.

In the chaos that ensues, Geller is rushed out of the building by Jude Law, whose character is Ted Pikul, a "PR nerd" on hand at the testing, who ends up becoming Geller's bodyguard, as it seems that everyone wants her dead.

The two escape together and drive to a motel, where Geller tells Pikul that her eXistenZ game pod has been damaged, and because she just finished developing it it's the only existing copy. Five years of work, she tells us, will be lost if she can't repair the system, but for some reason the only way to do that is to play the game with someone friendly "Are you friendly?

But Pikul has never played these high tech video games because of his fear of getting a hole punched in his back, which I think is understandable. Geller convinces Pikul to help her, however, and lucky for him, you can get a bioport installed in any shopping mall, "just like getting your ear pierced.

An analysis of existenz

I won't reveal what happens at the gas station, but it begins a long and tiresome chain of double-crossings, attempts on Geller's life, and the eXistenZ game pod being broken and fixed again. This all eventually leads to Pikul and Geller playing the game together, and after all this waiting to see what this game's all about, it's a bit of a disappointment, especially since the rest of the movie is spent in the game.

Of course, the theme of the realists continues in the game in a way that doesn't really make sense. What happens in the game seems to have little comprehensible connection to what was happening to these people when they entered the game, and on more than one occasion I found myself wishing the game would end for a while so all the running around from evil realists in real life could continue.

A Spoiler Filled look at Cronenberg's eXistenZ

But is it real life at all? The movie plays so many "wait a minute, that wasn't actually reality" tricks that by the end of the movie which is kind of a cop-out, though with a somewhat satisfying twist I found myself not really caring anymore.Feb 11,  · "eXistenZ" was one of those movies that, for one reason or another, just didn't feel like a real movie, and I wasn't exactly sure at the end what I had just sat through.

Further proof, I suppose, that "we're trapped in virtual reality" plots should probably just be avoided in the film industry. Existenz film analysis essay.

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Is there any evidence as to how eXistenZ really ended? up vote 6 down vote favorite. 1.

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On the movie's ending, Wikipedia points out that the characters act more "natural," as if they are no longer influenced by the game, but on the other hand, similar to the scene in the Chinese Restaurant.

Existenz film analysis essay. Dairy Kosher Cuisine. Cholov Yirsroel & Kemach Yoshon. Under The Supervision of The VAAD Harabonim of Queens. Solar power argumentative essay environmental impact of tourism essay. In Existenz, one reaches the abyss or the dark ground of selfhood.

Existenz contains within itself an element of the irrational and thus never becomes fully transparent to consciousness as such. Breaking Down David Cronenberg: eXistenZ () Canadian Filmmaker David Cronenberg will turn 70 on March 15th, and at NerdSpan, we can’t possibly ignore such an important anniversary.

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