Aed 200 final paper

I was relieved that I could still uphold my regular schedule.

Aed 200 final paper

The human-computer interface is different from other text document creators like notepad. It allows a lot of features through the simple ribbon located across the top of the open program. The user is also able to create simple tables, charts, shapes and even utilizes smart art that allows the user to enter Venn diagrams, complicated charts and more.

This icon reviews the document to ensure accurate spelling and grammar. Microsoft Visio is an easy to use application that helps the user create flow charts and diagrams. The HCI in Visio allows for a simple to follow process.

The user can open up the basic flow chart template and start by looking at the shapes on the left side of the program. Due Aed 200 final paper the fact that Visio is also a Microsoft program it also has the ribbon along the top of the program just like word, spell checker tool, and customizable ribbon.

This program allows the user to check the diagram to make sure the shapes are the right ones needed for chart being used.

The program also allows the user to reference a different page with a tab that when clicked will take the user to the designated page.

Recommendations One improvement for the HCI of Microsoft word would be the introduction of an in- program speech to text. This would be useful because it would be exclusive to the Microsoft suit so the speech recognition software would be unique to the individual just like the customizations.

200 baisa OMR Omani Rial to AED Emirati Dirham exchange rate chart analysis

The addition of this feature would be able to open the door to cross talk with other Microsoft applications. It could be extended to Visio with the introduction of new commands and utilizing the same commands. The ability to type as fast as a person talks is a great gift however it is not one that every end-user possess.

Aed 200 final paper

Visio Tutorial You can create multiple pages inside of a single Visio document. Much like when you type in word you can have more than one page. This hyperlink serves as a reference for another page by simply clicking on the shape that has the embedded hyperlink.

To do this you first need to create every page individually inside of your Visio document. Then simple right click the shape and select the hyperlink button.

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Next on the hyperlink page select browse and then local file. This tells the document to look inside itself for other pages it can use as a reference point. A list will pop up with the different options and you select which one you wish the shape to lead to.

See illustration VT 1 in the illustrations section. When creating a document in Visio it seems eerily familiar. The Microsoft professional suit is near identical in certain aspects and the new page is one. This is beneficial because if you have never used Visio you know how the basic creation of a new document works.

You have your templates to choose from, the personal take a tour for the program you are using and even the blank template design.

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See illustration VT 2 in the illustrations section. Much like Microsoft word when it comes to what to do with the document Visio follows the same layout. By accessing the file button on a document you are able to handle the document.

You can save it, resave it using save as, print the document, open a new document, and share the document to outside sources like emails.

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See illustration VT 3 in the illustrations section. Any handling that needs to be done with a Visio document can be done through the file button. Where the user is lead to a page with a simple layout that shows the users what options are available.Open Document.

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Aed 200 final paper

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The OMR to AED mid market rate, (a.k.a Omani Rial to Emirati Dirham mid market rate) is derived from the mid-point between the "buy" and "sell" rates from global currency markets.

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